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    Hey guys, just wanted to let you know the newest crew member is here! Lillian "Lillypad" Ann Hess She was born 3/6/17 7lbs 2 oz 19.5 inches we came home yesturday and are settling in. Soon she will be another helper for daddy and mommy.
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    About 22-weeks into pregnancy and everything looks good. Except for me, I'm still a mess. 😂
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    So I have recently upgraded my wrenches and I have a spare set of Tekton wrenches https://www.amazon.com/TEKTON-1916-Combination-Wrench-Metric/dp/B000NQ159G/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1488234919&sr=8-3&keywords=tekton+combination+wrench lightly used, whoever wants them their yours! both SAE and MM, no tool roll though I ditched that a long time ago its a good beginner set for someone thats looking to build your tool collection up
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    Pulled the trigger on this yesterday. Had enough with the loud compressor that I had.
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    My patience has been rewarded. $340 CAD = $255 USD.
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    Got my swag pack from tool barn for winning their 3k follower giveaway got some cool stuff [emoji1374] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Got this bad boy in the mail courtesy of @SevenOddosFence Thanks bud!
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    Well, kinda. Dad bought this Delta 28-276 back in the mid-90's. Didn't use it much, and eventually it got moved into storage and forgotten about. He's tried to get me to take it forever, but I just never got around to it. A couple weeks ago I finally dug it out to have a look. The belt was missing, which I knew, but the ridiculously shitty trunions were busted to the point the table was about to fall off. Table was a solid sheet of rust 😒 So I sanded the table down starting with 220 and working all the way up to 2000 grit, ordered a link belt at Comp's suggestion ($23), found some upgraded trunions ($35). Once I got it running and played around with it, I was actually surprised how well it did. Great cuts, smooth, and not very loud either. I liked it well enough that I ordered a HTC Mobile base ($60), and a Kreg Fence ($107), because for some reason that is totally lost on me, the 28-276 was sold without a fence or miter gauge. So the free bandsaw ended up being a $225 investment, but it's hard to bitch. It's still less than half of what a comparable bandsaw would have cost me to buy and I can finally quit fooling around with the little bench top model that I hate. Once the fence and mobile base arrive, I'll be in business.
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    I ordered from Europe because I knew I would use it. Now my DeWalt dust extractor has become that much more useful. Watch out Festool, there's a new player in town. I ordered extras, so PM me if you are interested in buying one from me.
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    had to go into homedepot today to replace estwing hammer that im pretty sure i sheetrocked into a wall, so i picked up another m12 6.0 battery also and while i was there the milwaukee man was there, started to shoot the crap, and i ended up leaving with a beautiful 6 foot heavy banner from milwaukee. thats what i call a good day at the office
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    And thanks to KC, Ryan you guys kick butt, 2 12" rules. I have needed some straight edge rules for a while and what a crazy price! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My son turned four months yesterday after coming to us 2 and a half months early. Don't worry dude. You'll be a mess when he's four months old too. But this is AWESOME!
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    Hey guys, I made a second chair for my wife and had just enough wood left over that I could make two footrests and a table. As I said before, I made the chairs from Fine Woodworking plans. The footrests and table were designs that I figured out. I can't tell you how frickin comfortable these chairs are with the footrests. I have a feeling we are going to be drinking a few margaritas from them this summer.
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    I feel like I'm cheating.
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    .. I like the Makita bits holder
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    $1.92 Knipex, another thanks to Sears
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    Just came today.... thanks @KC_Tool a little "bit" of an upgrade.....
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    got another ebay purchase delivered. need only the 1/4'' now. armstrong polished long combo wrenches in sae, 5/16 to 1 3/16. need to work on metrics now.
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    Meet with dewalt testing/ developments rep today. Looks like there coming out with a brushless router, heat gun (which was really cool), and a 4"wood/tile saw (like the 60v grinder but blade is to the side). After the prototypes get chosen i get to test em after manufacturing of finished tool.
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    just picked these up. im curious about the 6.0 battery. charged it up yesterday, off charger it read 12.4 volts, which puts it close to 11 volts in use. what im curious about is info on bottom of battery. 12v-72wh. that would put it around 6.6ah. at 10.8v [cool]. cant wait to try it today. im going to tax the m12 fuel circular saw for sure.
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    DM me your info. You can have it.
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    Rare earth magnets. I get as much use playing with them as using them. They get used for shop stuff.
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    Sometimes I think I have a problem.
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    The DeWALT rep said they are working on a tool actuated vac that works with cordless tools. Possibly via bluetooth or nfc and might be out by the end of the year. Also the vac shown is only an 18v vac. It is not a flexvolt vac but it does fit flexvolt batteries and can also be used as corded. It is confirmed once again that there is a 54v to corded adapter in the works specifically for the table saw. He did not specifically confirm it would work with other flexvolt tools but hinted it may be a possibility. Hopefully some of this stuff comes to the NA market in addition to the EU market. The bluetooth vac sounds interesting. Was a solution to the problem of cordless tools not being able to trigger vacs I never really thought about but seems like an ingenious idea. I wonder if there will be a tool connect adapter that fits flexvolt tools. Seems like the kind of tools one would want to use with a bluetooth vac. Also DeWALT will eventually include M class filters for handling dust for cutting mdf. I am unaware if OSHA requires them yet but it's nice DeWALT will eventually include them.
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    I've been wanting the 20v sds for quite a while. First time I've seen one in person. It's quite a bit smaller than I was expecting. No problem with that. Probably even better. The drywall screwgun was more for convenience. One less cord to drag around. Then again, isn't that the whole point. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    So as many know we got a March Lion and I just moved over 2 feet of fluffy white stuff. Spent the day at work in my 2 wheel drive work car and came home to three hours of snow blowing, plowing with my ATV and shoveling.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My bday gift to my self yesterday. The subcompact makita. Man its small!! And love the 3 speed options Got it for 100.00 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    had to finally pick one up. 79.99. Not a bad purchase and I like it so far. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Today was a good day. Today I signed the deal on a engine drive welder. The machine itself is a Lincoln 500 compact case. It should be here in under two weeks. Previously I had a Miller trailblazer 325 but it was ruined in auto accident. The Miller did everything asked of it, absolutely great machine. The choice of a bigger machine had a lot to do with my future plans. Hopefully one day ile have a shop of my own an this will help start. Currently I have just been doing sidejobs. My trailblazer paid for itself an the vantage should do the same. Pics of it installed to come
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    People kept asking me if I wanted a boy or girl. I responded; Either is great, I just hope it's not a liberal. 😂
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    How can I say no? $229 with a free battery. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Starting next week we will be moving our website to a new server. That part shouldn't effect the forum. However once we move it over to the new server, we will be changing our domain name from professional-power-tool-guide.com to toolsinaction.com. With this change you might experience some down time because once we make the change, it takes about 24 hours to propagate across the internet. That is if everything runs smooth. I was told there shouldn't be much down time, but we know how that has been over the years. Once the change is made, i think you can still use the same address as it should forward. If not it will just be forum.toolsinaction.com. i will keep you updated once I find out more. Once this change is done, we should be all good to go with no more changes.
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    Couldn't pass these up for $24
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    Built a shelf specced out to fit binders, quick easy build Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    As some of you guys may remember, my house was built by idiots and occupied previously by idiots as well. I've been working on redoing it since we moved in and finally after several idle months, I feel well enough to get back to business. Today was a beautiful day, work was slow, and it felt pretty damn good to have the saws out and making a mess. The staircase was interesting. Everything about it was done wrong. I went down to the bare stringers, and even they looked like they were cut by blind children. Mrs. Conductor wanted these deco pieces she found on Pinterest rather than a traditional skit board. Got them cut out, painted, and today I started the install. Tomorrow I will finish filing gaps and maybe get as far as paint. The bandsaw has already covered the money I have in it. And yes, this foyer was at one time pepto pink in it entirety 😒
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    I finished assembling this last night.
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    Got a second centipede. I might have sold my Hitachi... Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Still no Witte screwdrivers and it's been 8 days. The Gearwrench T25 bit socket showed up and I ordered some 30mm Kaizen foam to redo my Milwaukee battery box.
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    Here is a curved desk we are making, this will be a permanent install.
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    That KC tool deal of the day...
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    well this is just outrageous, he clearly is not wearing any safety boots.....WTF?
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    The first pics was at 0650 and the last road pic was at 300. Then.....hell broke lose!!!! Thank God I was home having a latte when that abortion came!!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yeah, that's right, obsessed. Don't fuck around on my watch. Free with purchase of $200 puller.
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    Ordered a pair of FlexVolt 3.0/9.0 batteries. Should be pretty pretty good! 😊
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    I sold some gymnastic mats on CL for 350 and as part of the deal I was to meet the guy 1/2 way to San Diego. Then I saw 2 Ridgid Boxes for 200 each in the same area. I offered him 350 for both and the deal was made Since my shop is in a car port I've wanted a better way to secure my tools. I'll Probably bolt them together and lag them to 8x8s.
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    YEAH BABY!!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Took a trip to Harbor freight and HD
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    Hey look at that, something Bluetooth or NFC that makes sense. I could get behind that.