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  1. It's not worth it unless you get coupons and/or you find a way to do it really efficient. It took some time for me to figure it out but it's been well worth it. I spend more time on this forum every time I visit than it takes me everyday to earn points, and that time spent is time I'm watching tv and not really paying attention to what I'm doing on the computer/phone. I swear, my average cost of all my Knipex items combined is under $10 a piece average because of mostly SYW and in small part to Amazon warehouse. Will be sad to see it go, though I've been lucky to get started when I did...wish I got into it long before. I need to find some other programs like this. My friend makes a lot of rewards from office depot or staples (I can't remember), he makes enough that sometimes he buys me stuff (like label maker labels) just to use his points.
  2. Same here, waiting on my set to ship. Ordered something yesterday and it already shipped...still waiting for my order from 3/12. Here's the article:
  3. Green grip cont. 5.5mm 5" $6: 5.5mm 12" $9: 6mm 4" $7: 6mm 6" $8: 6.5mm 6" $5: 7mm 6" $5: 10mm 8" $10: ph2 12" $9:
  4. I noticed this a couple days ago and meant to create a list before it got out but it's already been posted on a few sites. Some Wera single screwdrivers are on sale, list is smaller because I slacked off. Prices may change, check others if in need of a different size: Yellow grip: PH3 $8: 3.5mm slotted $6: 4.5mm slotted $6: T20 $6: T25 $8: Black grip: 14mm slotted $14: Green grip: 3mm head, 6" $6:
  5. Looks rather bleak after the announcement about Sears/Kmart earlier...the majority of Knipex have been removed. Witte is gone.
  6. Seems like all the Europeans avoid adding it in. The only basic set that I know that includes the PH3 is the Wiha insulated 6-piece set. Wera excludes it but leaves a spot open...then they all charge $20 or more for the PH3.
  7. Yes but the m12 lineup is bigger than the Makita 18v compact line. He already has a 18v system so he has access to full sized tools. The 36v is a good selling point on the Makitas.
  8. Those insulated are soo tempting, it's a killer deal! ...but I already have Wera and Wiha insulated and I'm supposed to be getting Witte insulated screwdriver set unless Sears goes bankrupt first. Though it's too bad Gedore includes a PH0 and not the PH3.
  9. Lowe's has Kobalt versions, I like them as well for drilling a quick hole. I want to try the Milwaukee version but I don't like the sets they put together with like five of those bits being repeat bits.
  10. What Jimbo said, they're made by Knipex. I don't care for the grip but they're a great price when on sale. I ended up putting them back in the packaging and buying the Knipex for the grips because I have a Knipex problem.
  11. I own the Milwaukees but I do like Makita...I'd get the Milwaukee, the tools are comparable, though the Makita (I believe) is smaller. The only reason to buy the Milwaukee is practicality, there's a huge m12 lineup. The charger for your m18s will work for the m12, so you aren't adding a charger. Lastly, Milwaukee has more sales and that leads to better deals on eBay for new tools sold from kit splitters. The hammer function on the m12 Fuel is nice to have but keep in mind that it isn't close to being as good as a m18 hammer that difference is relatively moot. Isn't the deal from HD $169 with a free tool or 4.0 battery? It seems for $229 you can get the Fuel hammer drill, Fuel impact driver, 4.0 battery, 2.0 battery and a free brushed tool or 4.0 battery.
  12. Here are a close up picture of the different grips Top to bottom: Comfort Plastic Non-slip plastic "Craftsman" soft grip. Here's a pic of the "Craftsman" set:
  13. I like the regular grip on the alligators and cobra, it's different than plastic dipped. Sears' Craftsman branded cobras have a different grip, it's smoother, feels like vinyl. I'd dip the ones you have or tape and dip. The flexseal as seen on tv stuff is nice and thick if you want to give that a go. You could also try bedliner.
  14. I love my Fuel drills but the m12 Fuel sort of stands up with the compact batteries. A breeze will knock it over...that being said, I don't know if I'd rather the Dewalt style 12v packs.
  15. Didn't watch the video but that is one of the drills that Dan/Eric sent him to fix and giveaway, it cost them a crap load to ship them to Canada and he has fixed a couple but never gave them away. He did a video that said one guy one and he'd have his choice but he later said he'd fix them's been like two years. I hope he's finally starting.