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  1. I have a handful of miscellaneous wrenches but not an actual set. I'm just a DIYer, though. If no pros here need them I would love to have them!
  2. Got some diagonal cutting pliers from Klein today!! Thanks so much guys.
  3. I still change the oil in our vehicles. We have a Chevy Colorado and GMC Yukon, so no need to get out ramps and jack stands because I can easily fit underneath. I use synthetic oil and go 5-6000 between changes. I keep the used oil in a 5 gallon bucket and empty it out at Auto Zone for free when I go in to buy oil and filters for the next change. When I bought my first car that actually required a monthly payment I took it in to the dealer for the first oil change and they forgot to add new oil!!! Ever since then I've done it on my own. A lot of people in my area just change their own. Cost wise it's probably not worth it if you use conventional oil but I definitely save money with synthetic plus I go much longer between changes.
  5. I always get Diablo blades.
  6. I wanted to make a couple chairs for the outdoor firepit and I did not want to spend any money. This is my first one. I went with an Adirondack styled chair. You may notice the free floating armrests. I wanted to use the stud pieces of the pallets for armrests and they weren't quite long enough. What I ended up doing was use a few metal brackets I had to secure them to the front posts. This could have turned out a lot better but I didn't want to spend much time on it. Dollar wise, I am just out the cost of screws and metal brackets, which I already had.
  7. You could strap it to the front of your truck! That way you could clear the main road too.
  8. Congrats!
  9. Welcome aboard! I'm curious, what made you decide on Kobalt?
  10. All I have is a corded Genesis angle grinder I picked up from Sutherlands.
  11. I'm new here but this thread reaffirms that signing up was a great idea. You guys have a lot of knowledge not only on how well the tools from different brands are made, but how the companies behind them are running things. This is all great info. Thanks for a great site!
  12. Seems legit. Here's a video from Australia.
  13. I like how they said in the video that cordless is the future. "You don't want to go up and down ladders carrying cables around with you". So true.
  14. I agree. It really seems like the big names are so focused on portable tools for tradesmen, and then trying to outdo each other with bigger and better batteries that the larger tools are sort of an afterthought.
  15. Such a cool idea!!